«Modern educated person does not represent wildly,
even in general terms, the nature of the disease.
It is unforgivable not to know the early signs of serious illnesses,
but woe is to fall into sin
omniscience and superficiality."» N. A. Lopatkin,

The founder of the Research Institute of Urology, Ministry of Health and Social development of Russian Federation. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Urology - is one of the most important areas of modern medicine. After all, the health of the genitourinary system is a guarantee of high quality of life, sexual activity, fertility. Urinary system diseases, both in men and women, are a major problem in modern society. 

Hippocrates could determine the state of the human body by color of urine. Paracelsus was the first who proposed surgical treatment of urolithiasis. But Urology, as a separate discipline, appeared much later, in the late XIX century. Currently, urologists perform diagnosis and provide treatment of urinary system diseases, including the genitals.

Every fourth man at least once in his life faced with challenges in the field of urology, and only every eighth man asks for specialists help. The urological problems are very intimate, and because of this fact most of the men are delaying a visit to the urologist even experiencing serious discomfort. Most women with urological diseases address to a gynecologist and not to specialists. The results are following: a complication, overflowing into the chronic stage of the disease, poorly prooven treatment.

No matter how the problem iscomplicated, we will try to find the best solution. Remember that only timely visit to the doctor is guarantee of examination and treatment quality. We appreciate your trust and in our private practice the priority is attention to patients. In the context of the everyday hustle and bustle is not so easy to choose a free time to dedicate for own health. Having addressed to us, you will not waste your time!

And remember - do not try to endure illness and do not self-treatment!


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