"Complications of Urologic Surgery and Practice". Kevin R. Loughlin (edit.). 2007

Complications of Urologic SurgeryUrologist or surgeon must clearly understand and evaluate the possible risks and complications of surgery, planning any intervention. Most of the currentl present textbooks are devoted to types and technical features of a particular type of urological interventions. However, the possible risks, complications, particular care in the postoperative period is covered rarely. The author of this guide, Kevin Laughlin, professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, opened the most common and possible complications in the implementation of urological surgery. To facilitate the use of a book infectious complications, cardiovascular complications; particularly open surgery; complications of minimally invasive interventions; complications in pediatric surgery are isolated separately by chapter. Material is easy for "digestion" and well systematized. Unfortunately, there is not any translated editions of this guide.

This manual can be downloaded  here.

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