"Bilateral varicocele". Z.A.Kadyrov, H.S. Ishonakov, N.Sh.Sarhadov. 2010.

"Двустороннее Варикоцеле" З.А.Кадыров, Х.С. Ишонаков, Н.Ш.Сархадов. 2010г.

The textbook highlights the aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of bilateral varicocele. Based on their own experience and world literature data, the authors argue that the bilateral varicocele occurs much more frequently than it is diagnosed indeed. The authors summarize the causes of bilateral varicocele and infertility diagnostic methods, hemodynamic processes in the kidney and organs of the scrotum, prognostic factors in the treatment of patients, existing treatments, their advantages and disadvantages, clinical and economic analysis of diagnostic and treatment methods. Hemodynamic processes in the scrotum organs in patients with bilateral varicoceles were studied using ultrasound with Doppler. Much attention is paid to the basic methods of treatment for bilateral varicocele. For urologists, surgeons, endoscopists, rentgenoangiologov, therapists, doctors, dealing with issues of family and marriage, specialists of functional diagnostics.

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