"UROLITHIASIS". O.L. Tiktinsky, V.P. Alexandrov. 2000.

"Мочекаменная болезнь". О.Л. ТиктинскийIt is not secret that Uzbekistan is endemic area for urolithiasis. Urolithiasis takes one of the leading places in the structure of urological diseases in Uzbekistan according to its prevalence and hospital morbidity. Urolithiasis also takes one of the leading places among the most frequent surgical diseases at patients who admit to the emergency with an urgent hospitalization. Therefore, this manual has a special significance for the practicing urologist and should not be ignored. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of urolithiasis continue to be valid and disputable, despite the recent years progress in the fielf of care of patients with urolithiasis. The monograph contains modern data on aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of patients with urolithiasis. Causal and pathogenetic approach to diagnosis and treatment is predominant. Urate diathesis and endocrine form of urolithiasis, surgical and conservative treatment are detailed descripted. Much attention is paid to Ectracorporeal Shock Wave (ESWL) and contact lithotripsy.

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