Comments of my patients


This is european level doctor; I strongly recommend.



Seydali Ametovich performed me a circumcision. Everything was done very professionally and efficiently. And the result looks very aesthetically. I will refer all matters of urology to this doctor since now. A huge thanks to him, once again.



I am Chinese ! First time in Tashkent I was operated by Seydali Eredj, he is high and experienced doctor, and also want to thank him! Every time I ask him a question, he always carefully and gently answers to me, I think he is always responsible for his patients. Thanks to him again! 我是中国人 !我第一次在塔什干做的手术就是 Сейдали Эреджепов 完成的,他是一位技术高超且经验丰富的医生,我向 Сейдали Эреджепов 表示衷心的感谢 !每次问他,他总是仔细地、准确地回答我,我认为,这是他无时无刻都在为病人负责的表现。再次感谢他 !


Shukhrat S.

I wish a good health to all!

A couple of days ago, I had a kidney attack (colic) at night. I was brought to the hospital by ambulance, examined, 6x8x12mm bullet shape stone was found in the ureter that just fell out of the kidneys. Emergency doctors suggested the surgery; I decided to consider; Dr. S. Eredjepov was recommended. Visit was appointed by phone call. After examination doctor said that it is possible to "crush" stone without intervention. I agreed. The procedure lasted 30 minutes, painless, only slight discomfort. Pain has gone after the procedure. The next day, in the morning pebbles fell out ;-) A week later at follow-up visit after the re-examination the doctor said that I got rid of the stone.

I am very happy and thought that is necessary to leave a good comment.


Aziza Yususpova

I want to thank Seydali Ametovich!!!

I've got a consultation and an invitation to the clinic calling on the phone. Upon arrival I was given qualified help to remove the stone from the ureter. Special thanks for their responsiveness and attention to the patient, for the positive, friendly atmosphere, and the introduction of truly European standards in the treatment and communication with patients!!! Happiness for the patients and good luck for the clinic!

Terms and treatment methods in the clinic are just super! I will recommend you to everyone.



Dr. Seydali, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude! This is fortunate for your patients, because more responsible, competent and humane doctor, I have not met yet. Urology is so much delicate subject, as you manage to help to your patients so that treatment period passes quickly and comfortably. Glad to see your progress, achievements that you are constantly growing, not stopping on reached. I wish you good luck, and health to all patients. And I recommend you to all as a great professional and an expert in your field! Thank you


Tatyana Lee

Excellent doctor!! Qualitatively and quickly established the cause of my pain. Complex surgery was succesfully performed. Thanks for sensitivity to patients !!


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