Does Size Matter?

Средняя длина полового членаThe dimensions (length and girth) of the penis differ in men of different ethnic groups. This statement reliably proved by the manufacturers of condoms. What many people perceive as a short penis actually falls within the range of normal size. According to many polls, scientific articles and studies, 95% of men Caucasoid types fall within one of the following categories of size:

- The average length of the penis at rest ranges from 8.6 cm to 9.3 cm;

- The average length of the penis erected varies from 12.9 cm to 14.5 cm;

- The average length of the circumference (girth) of the erected penis varies from 8.8 cm to 10.0 cm.

Penile shortening may result as increased weight and excessive fat deposits in the pubic region. This leads to a visual shortening of the penis. Obesity increases the risk of erectile dysfunction; obese men who complain about the shortening of the length of the penis can be just disturbed by low blood flow and it is not enough to achieve adequate rigidity during erection.

Less common causes shortening of the penis are:

- Inborn errors of organism's reaction to the male hormone (testosterone);

- Congenital curvature of the penis (urethral chord, hypospadias, etc.);

- Chromosome abnormalities (infrequently);

- Peyronie's disease (scar development - plaques in the tunica albuginea of the penis).

The length of the penis may slightly decreases with age because of atrophy associated with a decrease in testosterone levels and a decrease in the frequency of erections. Prostate surgery (prostatectomy, radical prostatectomy, etc.) may be accompanied by damage to the nerves and lead to a shortening of the penis. Thus, people who are concerned about the size of the penis, should be thoroughly examined by a urologist who specializes in sexual medicine to rule out medical causes of changing size of the penis.

World experience shows that teens, twenties and thirties men, and men over 60 years old "concern" about the size of the penis. If the reduction in the length and girth of the penis caused by Peyronie's disease, the problem can be successfully solved in specialized centers. The problem of reducing of the length of the penis after prostate surgery is achieved by increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse, the correction level of sex hormones and the use of antioxidants as shortening of the penis after prostatectomy is believed to occur also due to the appearance of "free radicals", active destructive form of oxygen which are formed in the body following nerve injury.

Ligamentotomy, Penis Enlargement in TashkentSurgical treatment of short penis is often carried out by liposuction and transposition of the skin of the scrotum in men with abnormal position of the penis. The standard method of lengthening the penis used in most centers and clinics is ligamentotomy ( here you can see one of the cases in our surgical practice) operation (excision of the ligamentum suspensorium penis); it is mandatory to use special devices - extender (stretcher) - during 6 months after surgery.

Injections of autologous fat, fat grafts and implantation of silicone injections are widely used in order to increase the circumference (thickness) of the penis. None of these three methods is not a "gold standard" for increasing the thickness of the penis, as each one has its own disadvantages. Injections of fat and fat grafts have sometimes a temporary effect because of the implanted fat tissue is able to disappear with time. Silicone injections are often complicated by the development of "oleogranuloma" tumors, due to which the surface of the penis becomes lumpy in nature, with the possible subsequent development of ulcers and scars.  

"Home" methods of penis elongation based on suspending weights also are not particularly effective. According to a study conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College, with traction applying  penis can reach from 0.25 to 0.75 cm increase in length.

There are many well-illustrated advertising devices, herbal medicines and educational DVD-ROM drive for penis enlargement ciculate in the media, especially the Internet. Most of them contain body photos before and after treatment, for clarity. If you look closely, you can see the following trick - picture "BEFORE" is performed in the quiescent state of the penis, and the picture "AFTER" performed in semierected state. So, you can conclude, what purposes the manufacturers have.


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